Target Blending Brush 54
Target Blending Brush 54
Target Blending Brush 54

Target Blending Brush 54

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Achieve a seamless color gradient and enhance your eye makeup with our compact eye brush. Its elongated shape and pointed, fluffy tip are designed to fit snugly into your eyelid's crease, facilitating effortless contouring and blending of eyeshadows. The bristles are meticulously trimmed short to provide elasticity, ensuring efficient powder particle retention and minimizing eyeshadow fallout. 

Key Features of Target Blending Brush 

Precision Blending: Our Target Blending Brush is meticulously designed for precise blending of eyeshadows, allowing you to create seamless transitions between colors with ease. 

Tapered Shape: The brush features a tapered shape with a pointed tip, enabling targeted application and blending in specific areas such as the crease or outer corners of the eyes. 
Fluffy Bristles: Crafted with soft and fluffy bristles, our brush ensures a gentle and smooth application, while effectively blending and diffusing eyeshadows for a flawless finish. 

Ergonomic Handle: Designed with an ergonomic handle, our brush provides a comfortable grip and optimal control during application, allowing for precise blending and shading. 

Versatile Use: Our Target Blending Brush is versatile and can be used with powder, cream, or liquid eyeshadows, making it a must-have tool for any eye makeup look. 

Easy to Clean: Maintaining hygiene is easy with our brush, as it can be cleaned easily with mild soap and water, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

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