Large Crease Brush 59
Large Crease Brush 59
Large Crease Brush 59

Large Crease Brush 59

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Achieve seamless blending in the crease area of your eyelids and enhance depth with our oversized crease brush. Designed to effortlessly pick up a generous amount of product, this brush ensures even distribution across the lid, allowing for a more dramatic and full-coverage application. Its fluffy head provides a gentle touch for blending, resulting in a flawless finish. Ideal for dusting on powder, this brush is your go-to tool for creating stunning eye looks with ease. 

Features of Large Crease Brush 

Oversized Design: Our Large Crease Brush features an oversized head that allows for effortless blending and application of eyeshadow in the crease area of the eyelid. 

Dramatic Effect: The large size of the brush enables you to add depth and dimension to your eye makeup looks, creating a dramatic and impactful effect. 

Fluffy Bristles: Crafted with soft and fluffy bristles, our brush ensures smooth and even application of eyeshadow, while effectively blending and diffusing the product for a seamless finish. 

Ergonomic Handle: Designed with an ergonomic handle, our brush provides a comfortable grip and optimal control during application, allowing for precise blending and shading. 

Versatile Use: Our Large Crease Brush is versatile and can be used with both powder and cream eyeshadows, making it a must-have tool for creating a wide range of eye makeup looks.

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