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Bringing you your perfect skincare companions, Milagro is a dream that we live by creating and delivering you the grounded-to-earth beautifying components.  

What Makes Us A Part of the Organic Beauty World - Dropping Down The Curtains of Claims! 

The skincare problems to the skincare solutions, what our journey is all about; but with some rigorous ground-to-earth research. The prime mover - Nikita Malhotra had some real sensitive skin issues which made it difficult for her to find her skin-perfect beautifying components.  

She says - “There was a time when finding perfect skincare essentials that can do wonders without harming my skin became a mission for me. No doubt, plenty of beauty and skincare products were there in the market but of course, they were not really serving what they were actually claiming. So then, it was the time to come up with something miraculous.” 

This led her to the road of intensive search for promising skincare companions. 

The Labels Talk 

Have you ever bought an organic product and read its ingredients? Have you ever noticed the synthetics added in the name of organics? Yes, they claim to be organic but what all their ingredients talk about is all insensate. That’s what the founder got to know when she realized what each ingredient means and this was the real pushup moment for her to be a part of this skincare bull race but with real promises. 

Real Beginning to Our Journey with Conscious Promising Nature 

Initiator’s thoughts here: “Wo tomato skin massage, wo ghar ka neem mask, wo chandan ka nikhar aur wo kheere ko dark circles k liye use karna - This all is missed now and I wanted it back in my routine but in a time-saving, effortless using manner.” 

Milagro’s each and every skinny potion revolves around these dadi maa ke nuskhe only. Honey, aloe vera, shea butter, saffron, sandalwood, turmeric, neem, watermelon, papaya, tomato, amla and other members of this earthy family are honest-to-goodness secrets of magical productions with a proper course of action. 

Our Course of Action - The Grounded to Earth Procedures 

Do you know, "the question well understood is half solved?" So we understood the question already that how to make our dadi-maa ke nuskhe a part of our busy scheduled time-saving skincare routine. Now the task was to find the sources.

The hunt for the right source  

Yes, we had sources already too, the fruity and herbal members, but we chose to pick them from their real origins - this really makes a difference. It allows us to be one step closer to our approach - Conscious about your skin & Superconscious about our Ingredients! 

The urge to get the right earthy nature 

We go for pure farming, clear of GMOs, pesticides, fertilizers, and other such components. Yes, these kinds of farms are still available that keep the farming the way it is and this righteous farming allows us to deliver bonafide replenishing and rejuvenating concoctions.  

The belief to let the ingredients live 

The one thing that makes ghar ke nuskhe more effective is that we use the simple process that doesn't let their benefactors die. Similarly, Milagro uses techniques like cold-pressing, steam distillation and natural filtration that keeps the potency of our ingredients intact.

The practice to keep it hygienic - Cleanrooms 

We not only keep it pure but also keep it clean. We have a cleanroom system, i.e., an engineered space, which maintains a very low concentration of airborne particulates that do not allow any kind of dust or other particles to enter our beauty products. Also, our team makes sure to wear all safety gear including disposable caps, and gloves while packing our products.  

Ayurveda Certified Products 

Right from formulation to packaging, we believe in making our products simply miraculous that let you find your skin-fit products easily. All the skincare products are ayush-approved that make them more trustable and effective. These are the pure botanical treats that you can trust without giving any second thoughts.