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Milagro Beauty Natural Underarm Gel

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Milagro means Miracles. We believe in creating and delivering miraculous products by combining Ayurveda & Science into a unique blend.

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Filling the intersection spot of what’s trending, what’s nature derived and what actually works.
Milagro Beauty Natural Underarm Gel

Milagro Beauty Natural Underarm Gel

Please note product will be dispatched by 25th April 2023.


Milagro Beauty Natural Underarm Gel is a naturally cooling gel that eliminates underarm odor while absorbing excess moisture and soothing sensitive skin.
Made up of clean and healthy ingredients like Papaya, Tomato, Aloe Vera, Amla which work together to keep your pits fresh , dry and lightly scented.

The Aluminum free formula glides on easy and sinks in your skin within seconds. Lowers the pH level in those regions so less odor causing bacteria can take up residence in the first place.

Weight : 50gms

How To Use :

Scoop a little with the applicator given or your finger and apply everyday after shower to your entire armpit area . Allow it to dry for at-least 30 seconds before you put on clothes.

Ingredients : Yashtimadhu, Amla, Tomato, Papaya, Neem, Aloe Vera, Orange Oil, Almond Oil, Papaya Oil, Lemon Oil, Gel Base, Fragrance, Preservatives.



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