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6 Step Winter Skincare Routine: The Secret to Glowing Skin

By :Nikita Malhotra 0 comments
6 Step Winter Skincare Routine: The Secret to Glowing Skin

Winter is almost here and our excitement for welcoming the same with hot mufflers, cozy jackets, and modish winter clothes is shooting up day by day. However, what about our skin? This harsh cool breeze is not good for our skin and covering it up with winter clothes is not enough to protect it. It needs to be taken care of with a proper winter skincare routine and it’s not only about sunscreen and moisturizer; it's a lot more there.

From serums to lip masks to body gels, there are a lot of winter skin care products that you need to focus on. You must have heard a lot of times that good skin is not just something that you can achieve within a night. It’s absolutely true, it takes a regular effort of yours. Not very much, just little step by step efforts will make your skin healthy and all different skincare essentials play their own role in making it healthy. 

Step by Step Winter Skincare Routine

Step 1: Cleansing Is The Key To Real Glow

Proper cleansing is like the root of your beauty routine. If you want to keep your skin clean and germ-free then cleansing twice a day is a must. It keeps your skin fresh, hydrated, and clean. However, choosing the best cleanser is really necessary.

However, those foamy, chemical-based cleansers that were working amazingly for your skin in summer are not meant to deliver the same results in winter. So you should switch according to your skin type or can choose a botanical cleanser that is naturally made like Milagro Beauty Pineapple Cleanser. It is ayush-approved, all-natural face wash packed with the goodness of aloe vera, neem, orange, pineapple, and much more. This will make your skin supple and soft.

Step 2: Toning Should Never Be Skipped 

It’s one of the biggest misconceptions that toner can be skipped in winter. It is believed that this makes no big difference but it makes a really big difference. A good toner can help reduce pores, balances the skin’s pH level, and offer supple, smooth skin. So, instead of skipping toner, you can choose one that is alcohol-free. 

Milagro Watermelon and green tea toner is an alcohol-free natural toner loaded with the goodness of Aam Giri, Watermelon, Haldi, Green Tea, Holy Basil, Manjisth, Neem, Kapur Kachri, Aloe Vera. It helps in controlling extra oil, tightens pores, restores skin’s pH level, and deeply nourishes it to leave it smooth and soft. 

Step 3: Layer Your Skin with Serum 

As you add layers of hot clothes to protect your body, similarly, it’s necessary to add layers of skin warriors to protect your skin from that harsh, cold breeze. The serum is one of the important parts of this layering. It allows you to fight and protect different skin care concerns. It not only conditions the skin but deeply nourishes it while adding a youthful skin texture. 

If you’re seeking to fight pigmentation and skin dullness then you can go for our Vitamin C serum. It’s a miraculous blend of aloe vera, amla, lemon, orange, etc. that works on the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines. It hydrates and revitalizes the skin to reveal radiant and luminous skin. If you want a real anti-ageing solution, you can also use essential oil that is based on anti-ageing properties. 

Step 4: Moisturizer Is The Top Requirement 

Most of you would’ve already known that moisturizer can’t be skipped at all, especially in winter when this cool breezy season is really harsh on your skin and makes it dry. Your face, hands, and feet are the first that get affected by the harsh weather so these are needed to be protected as much as you can. Moisturizer is known to be the biggest warrior against dehydrating effect which is why this is one of the most important steps of the winter skincare routine

Milagro Honey Yogurt Moisturizer is not only one of the best moisturizer for dry skin in winter but also a hydrating, naturally composed cream that works well for all skin types in all seasons. It contains aloe vera, saffron, honey, sandalwood, shea butter, etc. that nourishes your skin deeply that help combating free radical damage while delivering the hydration and smoothness your skin needs.

Step 5: Sunblock The Harmful UV Rays 

Sunscreen is your all-season skin-protecting partner but in winter it’s the essential skin care buddy that no one should skip at any cost. This is because sunscreen is one of the protectants that shields your skin against harmful UVA & UVB rays that may cause skin burn and can even lead to skin cancer eventually. So using a sun blocker regularly can help you a lot. 

For day-to-day use, you should pick a natural sunscreen that should have at least an SPF of 30. To protect your skin, use an ounce of it on a regular basis. If you’re using chemical-based sunscreen then you can have it just after cleansing and if you’re going with a natural sunblock then it should be applied after moisturizer as it will create an opaque barrier on your skin which will not allow any other product to get absorbed into your skin including sun rays. If you’re searching for the best sunscreen for face and body then you can choose our hydrogel sunblocker which has a natural SPF of more than 50.

Step 6: Do Not Forget Your Lips

You planned a whole skincare routine for winter but you forgot your lips! How can you do so? Nobody likes rough, chapped, dark-pigmented lips and this season is making them this way. So, it’s time for ultimate winter lip care and if you think the best lip balm for winter is enough to deal with these dark pigmented, chappy lips then you’re wrong. You should get a lip mask too. 

Lip masks are the key to deep repairing and caring of lips. They not only provide you with smoothness and nourishment but also help you reduce dark pigmentation and assists them to get back to their earlier natural pink soft lips. You can choose a natural lip mask like ours Overnight Care Lip Mask that is composed of all lip-benefitting ingredients like grapeseed oil, castor oil, argan oil, candelilla wax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and much more. 

You can follow this simple 6 step winter skincare routine to take care of it in the best way it is possible. It’ll help you to make your skin hydrated, smooth, glowing, and healthy even in winter. Start it from today and experience the good change that your skin craves this season. 

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