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Milagro CTM Bundle

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Milagro CTM Bundle

Milagro CTM Bundle

Milagro Beauty’s CTM Bundle is the ultimate solution! The kit comprises of Pineapple Face Cleanser, Green tea & Watermelon Face Toner and Honey Yogurt Moisturizer.
Milagro CTM Bundle is a chemical-free formula and regime for all skin types and when used on a regular basis, it helps your skin cleanse impurities and dead skin cells, tones up the skin, minimizes pores and maintains skin’s pH balance.

- Pineapple face cleanser is a gel based cleanser and a non-foaming formula.
- Green tea and watermelon face toner helps in promoting smooth, radiant and healthy skin while exfoliating the dead skin cells and controlling the excess oil.
- Honey yogurt moisturizer is non-greasy and a oil-free formula that keeps the skin highly hydrated. It is a unique lightweight moisturizer that helps combat free radical damage.

This combo contains just what your skin desires:

💜 A Pineapple Face Cleanser

💜 A Honey Yogurt Moisturizer

💜A GreenTea & Watermelon Face Toner

💜A Travel Bag

Pamper yourself to a great extent by buying this today!

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