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The Morning Face Combo

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₹ 4,740.00 ₹ 3,318.00

Why Choose Us ?

Products of highest quality that are safe, vegan, natural and give your skin what it deserves.

What We Stand For ?

Milagro means Miracles. We believe in creating and delivering miraculous products by combining Ayurveda & Science into a unique blend.

Our Story.

Filling the intersection spot of what’s trending, what’s nature derived and what actually works.
The Morning Face Combo

The Morning Face Combo

Celebrate your love with our happily filled Winston X Milagro Caring Celebration Boxes. This time make them fall in love with their morning face with this Morning Face Combo.

What it includes:

Facial Cleanser Massager: Exfoliate all your dirt, dust and skin impurities gently with this Winston facial cleanser while giving it a soothing massage with its hot mode back.

✔Circular Motion Technique
✔IPX7 Waterproof Design
✔Comes with Wall Holder Attachment
✔2 Speed Modes
✔Rechargeable Battery Operated

Milagro Beauty Pineapple Cleanser: A miraculous gel based cleanser made with a combination of herbal and fruity goodness. A non-foaming formula that helps maintain the PH levels of your skin while thoroughly cleansing along with purifing and refining pores to maintain a clear complexion, without irritation.

✔Non-foaming formula
✔Suitable for all skin types
✔Free from harmful chemicals like parabens and SLS
✔Cruelty-free and non-toxic

Milagro Beauty Watermelon & Green Tea Toner: Revitalize your skin with this miraculous blend of 100% natural ingredients for smooth, healthy skin. The high water content of watermelon boosts the moisture in your skin, making your skin glow and green tea helps prevent acne and other skin infections.

✔100% Natural
✔Ayush Certified