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Just For You

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₹ 4,500.00 ₹ 2,700.00

Why Choose Us ?

Products of highest quality that are safe, vegan, natural and give your skin what it deserves.

What We Stand For ?

Milagro means Miracles. We believe in creating and delivering miraculous products by combining Ayurveda & Science into a unique blend.

Our Story.

Filling the intersection spot of what’s trending, what’s nature derived and what actually works.
Just For You

Just For You

This combo contains just what your skin desires:

💜 A Vitamin C Serum

💜A Natural Underarm Gel

💜 A Milagro Beauty Mirror

💜 A Makeup Remover Pad Pro (Single Pack)

💜A travel bag for your essentials.

Pamper yourself to a great extent by buying this today!

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